Monday, December 24, 2012

You can be a Champion...!!!

Every single morning when I wake up I reflect on my life. No matter how hard I try to find an excuse not to take a risky step forward, it dawns on me how it is entirely up to me to be successful.
Being successful is defined differently and depends on the basis of an individual’s effort, tenacity, vision and most of all endurance. Some will be satisfied with the basic kind of success while others who strive to be the best have to surpass the basic stage. For those who want to be champions, it is inevitable that they will encounter extreme resistance. When such is the case it is advisable to wear the helmet of faith/ hope and keep pressing on.

Having said that, there comes a time when you, as a human being, cannot take it anymore. You try everything within your capabilities but fail miserably. What do you do when you just cannot take the next step as a result of hardships and seemingly impossible situations? The best thing we can do is to ask God that he HELP US TO PRESS ON WHEN OUR STRENTHG IS GONE; feed our minds with faith building words rather than dwelling on doubt; and keep moving. Sometimes God will allow us to go through hardships as these will build us into tough vessels therefore allowing us to become best instruments available for him to use.
The last thing we can do is give up. We will never know our capabilities if we never try or if we don’t finish the race. As they say, “the race is not to the swift but to those who endure to the end”. Don’t wait for luck! There is no such thing as luck in my opinion; we are simply blessed and not just lucky. These blessings however will manifest if we attach an entitlement to them and don’t let anyone, not even the devil himself, take them away. Let’s fight for what we want and become champions at the end of the race. NEVER GIVE UP..!!! No matter what!
My very good friend ‘Mbilike’ sent me a message dedicating to me the song by ‘The script’ featuring – ‘The Hall of fame’. This song is massive, please find it below. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!